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Publishers can now let their audiences watch quality video content and make more money per video view with Vidsense than any other online video network. Thumbnails from over 100,000 family-friendly, licensed video clips are rotated through The Vidsense Video Widget. To discover how, read on!

Vidsense has embeddable video widgets of many different sizes from which you can choose to put on your website. You choose the color and size to match the feel of your website. These widgets feature thumbnails of quality, licensed video content from over sixty home video companies. These videos are NOT advertisements.

It’s as easy as one...two...three.

1) Fill out the publisher request form here
2) Decide the from the multitude of widget sizes and color
3) Upon approval by Vidsense, embeddable code will be supplied for you to place on your website.

It’s that simple.

When your website visitors click on one of our rotating content thumbnails, a new browser window opens to play the video. You get paid for EVERY video view generated from your audience. When the visitor is done viewing the video and closes the page, they are still on your site, ready to further engage with your website.

To get started and apply to be a publisher in the Vidsense Network, fill out the online form today.

Due to publisher demand, it may take up to 72 hours for approval and a Vidsense representative to get back to you.

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