The Vidsense Network

The Vidsense Network consists of more than 20,000 safe-for-work websites, and delivers more than 12 billion monthly pageviews.

Unlike virtually every other online network, Vidsense is completely and utterly risk-free. The only place your brand appears is on your destination page, and you pay only for self-qualified visitors delivered directly to your wholly owned and controlled destination page on a pure Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis.

The fact that Vidsense eliminates all the risks that plague other online networks explains why we can offer self-qualified visitors at a CPC far below anyone else. With Vidsense, you never pay for network failure to perform, and never pay to protect your own brands against adverse exposure on third-party sites.

Totally and unequivocally risk-free, Vidsense is the only online network to deliver the mass brand reach of primetime network TV with the deep interactive engagement potential of digital.

Vidsense Network